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Welcome to visit Posco Art Museum

Welcome to the art sharing site of a corporate citizenship POSCO Holdings.

Welcome toPosco Art Museum

POSCO Art Museum is an art platform for POSCO Group. POSCO’s Holdings’s corporate philosophy is ‘a corporate citizenship growing together with society’. We share and practice the values of consideration, coexistence and symbiosis, pursued by POSCO Holdings through the medium of art. After opened as POSCO Gallery in 1995 and officially registered as a first-class art museum in 1998 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, we have been active as a corporate art museum of POSCO Group.

POSCO Art Museum is a space for art sharing, and an art museum for all. Based on our continued interest and support for culture and the arts as a whole, we help artists create activities ranging from discovering talented new artists to rediscovering middle-aged artists who have led Korean art. We are actively introducing exhibitions that awaken the excellent value and beauty of traditional culture with creative eyes that break the times, genres, common sense and prejudice, and also lively scenes of contemporary art. In addition, by operating various educational programs, we faithfully play a social role so that the public can enjoy culture and arts richly in their daily lives.

POSCO Art Museum is leading the practice of ‘Art in Life, Life in Art’. We hope you can experience cultural diversity in an open art museum, where free communication between people and people, people and society is possible, and enjoy the joy and happiness of life delivered by art.

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